How to Choose a Wedding Photographer

Professional photographers make a living by providing outstanding imagery.  High-Quality, stunning images that marry craftsmanship and artistry are the hallmark of a true professional.

Do your homework when selecting a professional photographer to capture your special day.  There are many photographers on the Internet these days.  However, only a few have experience, quality work, and reasonable prices.

Reviewing a photographer’s work (he/she should have a website with samples), will ensure you find a studio that matches your vision and idea of what photography will work best for you and your loved ones.

You should also look for someone who can provide you with personal service and is customer service oriented.

Skilled photographers will provide excellent work that is consistent for all clients.  Look closely at the work.  Can you see details clearly for every photo?  For example, we make connections with photographs the same way we do in person.  Hence, when you look closely at a photo, are the eyes sharp and in focus?  Can you “connect” with an image?

Do the wedding dresses all look blindingly white, or can you find details in the photograph?  After all, if you spend a lot of money on your dress, shouldn’t your photographs reflect the same care and attention you put into choosing it?

Professional photographers invest.  So should you, if you want to hire a pro, instead of an amateur.  A pro photographer invests in his equipment (not using the same camera/flash/modifiers/etc. that your uncle Joe does).  He/she invests in his experience through hard work and additional training about new software, equipment, techniques, etc.  He/she must also balance  art with a sound business model to ensure his/her prices meet the demand.

If you decide to invest in a top professional photographer, you should be willing to spend between $1000-$5000 (and up) for your day.  After all, you will spend more time with your photographer than you will with your caterer, minister, bridal gown designer, hair stylist, etc.  A great photographer will be there with you all day to make sure every precious moment is captured.

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