Influence and Background

My father was an artist and a photographer.  He specialized in art and taught it to aspiring young ones for over 35 years.  Through him, I picked up a love for both at an early age.  Great photography is art. Or, it could be said that great photography is a dance between an artist, an inspired model, and a camera (aka paintbrush).  Won’t you ‘dance’ with me?I enjoy working with positive persons who are as passionate about their images becoming a treasured, artful memory as I am.  Therefore, I approach my photography with professionalism and passion, in equal measure.

Our Equipment

We take pride in my photography. Your memories are important.
Shouldn’t your photographer’s equipment reflect that?  Ours does.  That is why we only use professional equipment.  Pro camera bodies, pro lenses, pro lighting, pro backdrops, etc. You will NOT see the same camera and equipment your “uncle Joe” uses in any of our sessions!  You will not wonder, “Why didn’t I just have uncle Joe grab his camera and take a few ok pictures?”

We will capture the BEST of you, using the BEST equipment! You deserve it!

Our Experience

I have been a photographer for over twenty years.  I have enjoyed working with many families and individuals for weddings, family portraits, anniversaries, special events, fashion, and more.

My wife joined the company several years ago as well.  We now make a dynamic duo when you need duel coverage for all of your special events.

It will be an honor and a pleasure to work with you and your loved ones!

Wesley Lewis Jr.